First Jam Room Blog Italo and the Passions

Yesterday we almost got the final touches put on the Italo and the Passions record. A few more hours of work should see the mixing finished. I admire these guys for having a vision and actually trying to make a great record. In these days of bands making mediocre to poor  quality recordings it's  refreshing to see that there are stiff people around that want to make the best recording that they can, They are going for a Phil Spector wall of sound sort of production with nods to a lot of great 70's rock records. I'm hoping that they can get the record finished sometime in the near future so that their hard work can be appreciated. I think I'll take a random picture of an item in the studio to accompany each of my blogs. If anyone would like to hear about specifics of certain records I've recorded or types of gear that i use just comment on the blog and I'll try to get around to addressing it.

             Geffell UM70 recently purchased.

Hip-Hop Family Day 2014!

We're excited to see what Hip-Hop Family Day 2014 has in store for us, but here is a glimpse of last year's festival.  Our engineer FatRat Da Czar along with Non-Stop Hip-Hop Live founders Shekeese Duvall and Kingpin VOV have provided Columbia, SC with a great, family-friendly event that we hope you will check out and support.  Last year they brought Kool Moe Dee, this year they have Slick Rick!

The Restoration's new EP tracked at Jam Room Studio

Our engineer Zac Thomas worked with The Restoration and crafted a killer sounding EP entitled New South Blues.  We highly encourage you give it a listen.